Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches, Bats & Booooooo's

Well the leaves continue to turn, the winds blows harder...and we say good bye to another month in 2010. I'm on a high note right now. My belly is full, I'm enjoying funny movie with better half and in the back of my mind...I'm thinking about what size turkey we should buy this Thanksgiving. Two months left in this year...sure seems like it's going too fast. Here's a thought....I'm going to start thinking about how many months I still have and not how many I have left. I think I'm saying the same thing but it seems more positive. But to be honest....don't know how I'll feel when birthday comes around in February, I could be postal....... I'm on pause right now, I can't concentrate on movie........As Arnold would say (I'll be back).
Oh!  that was really a cute movie (Valentines Day)  My better half didn't say anything was a chick flick..........(side bar) does anyone  remember the Flicks candy you could get at a theater...fond memories. Anyone reading this, that doesn't know me, is, where did she go for a minute. It's just the way my ole brain works. Well time to let the bed bugs bite..not really! See you on the otherside of October.
..........Where did I hide the candy for the kids?...... One piece at a time.

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  1. Happy Halloween.. Oh yes I do remember the flicks candy. Chocolate covered rasins and don't forget the popcorn with all that butter, sooo good. Have fun tonight giving out candy to your trick or treaters, we don't get any kids at our house and I miss that, so injoy..LOL