Friday, October 29, 2010

Knock..Knock.......Please come in

Now the inside of our Halloween House. I wish my photo's would do her stuff justice..Please enjoy!
This haunted house is so great !

Once again....all made by Country Smirf

Yes! she has a great sense of humor

Very cute wooden candy corn in the back ground

She took this cabinet-tore apart-added pieces-changed-painted-uses for sesonal display
Can you say talented!

Every house needs Witches Brew

She made Witches hat and shoes

You must have Edger's Black Raven

This plant looks like it will eat you when you walk's huge

Another Frog......this one has worts

Everywhere you look...there's something fun to look at.

Look at the detail...this Smirf is all about detail....

Simple and elegant

One again anywhere you look..cute..cute

She made plate rack above cabinet...As Rachael Ray would say (I know)

She say's this is her and hubby...she's the one pointing finger.

Every time you take a second look you find something new!

This is my Talented Shy Maureen aka Country Smirf
Thank you my friend for letting me share your talents with my friends.
You are truly a talented lady.  I would love to show everyone your Christmas Wonderland.
You haven't seen anything yet!
Love Your Friend aka City Smirf


  1. Thanks Sherri for sharing with us Maureen's wonderful talent of Country Smirf Holloween, both indoor and outside. I can't decide if my favorite is the witches Hat & Shoe's or the Broom Parking, and I love all the frogs. Looking forward for the Christmas Wonderland.

  2. Thanks Penny..I'm glad you enjoyed her hard work. Christmas will be a real treat. She has all her children coming home for Christmas, so I know she'll go all out. Sherri

  3. I look forward to her Christmas deco as well. I love everything!