Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ekeeeee Patience

Did I really say I should start with an easy fast sure isn't going to be fast. The glue takes 2-3 day to set, so you have to sorta build slowly. I'm already seeing a problem develope. If any of you decide to tackle this project....when picking out your mirror....find a frame as FLAT as you can. The coved & beveled wood frame does not give me a lot of surface to glue shells . Because most of the shells are concaved they seem to be fighting against each other. Oh.....after working on shells about 10 min. I noticed I was feeling way to HAPPY.....USE glue in a vented all the!  And now to conculed for the day......I'm going to LOVE.....LOVE....LOVE..the end results. I think it is going to turn out beautiful, not sure I want to hide it away in the bathroom. Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket..Maybe I should win..Maybe I should buy a cottage on the beach to put my mirror up...Maybe I should get busy gluing shells. Oh one more thing....when you place your shells, stand back once and a while and watch for color, size and the look of weight. You want to look for balance.  I'm working on all four corners at the same time. Then I plan to fill in the sides, top and bottom. One petal at a time.

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