Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pass the paint brush..pleaseee

Great find yesterday....a pint of Sherwin Williams beige paint....cost...$1.00. For those of you that live local, we have a store on the west side called (The Re-Store).  If you're looking for old used stuff, that's the store to treasure hunt in. Anything from vintage glass door knobs to pink toilets.   If you have a bored 10 year old grandchild let them put a couple paint coats on before you start with the shells. Helps their brain think of something besides video games. When project is done, it makes them feel they had a part in it. Let's go... one petal at a time.


  1. Way to get Kyle involved! Always thinking, G-ma Sherri! I've made cookies a few times w/my g-daughters (3½ yrs & 22 mos) even though Sadie tries to eat the dough!
    Here's to keeping bored brains active and little hands busy!
    Hugs from G-ma Diane

  2. It allows Lou to watcg a little football on his day off too! Good thinking Banana!