Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Lucy

Does any one remember the episode that Lucy begged Ricky to let her paint the apartment and once the painting was done...the furniture looked bad. She then came up with a scheme to buy new furniture to go with the new painted walls................Well......Lucyyyyyyyy!  I just can't put up my beautiful new shell mirror and not paint the wall. So one gallon of paint maybe two, will get the job done.  I think I have decided on a silver gray with one accent wall in Eggplant. This is in the bathroom. In the bedroom I'm going to do the wall behind the bed in a dark, dark gray...almost charcoal. I just heard my landlady hit the floor..whoops! The good thing about paint is if you ever move out and the landlord says...don't like wall...just paint over it. The other walls will be a lighter gray, bedspread in Winter White with black bedskirt and large black, gray and white pillows, faux fur throw, black taffeta drapes over winter white sheers. Cut crystal bed lamps, flanked with crystal and black small frames with my children and grandchildren on night stand. That's the idea anyway. We'll see what happens. I found a couple cool things at Goodwill those 3 days I was looking for shells that will hopefully fit with my plan. I think my mirror is finished. I'm letting it dry for a couple of days before I put it up. It is really heavy and I need to make sure we are on a full stud with anchor. Wouldn't it be awful if......not even going to say it out loud.  I'm sure my better half  is glad I'm almost done. I think he was worried about the Thanksgiving turkey ......and no table to put it on, since the dinning room table is where I have been camping out with my project.


  1. Your bathroom color scheme sounds awesome!

  2. I love Lou's comment. Hope you are not moving out anytime soon :)