Monday, October 4, 2010

Are we out of money yet?

Well as I expected we had a wonderful time again this year. One thing I noticed this year more than ever are looks from other women when we are 11 strong at dinner or shopping. Some will even ask...What are you all doing and we explain our annual trip. They smile and you know they want to drop what they are doing and come along for the ride. It warms my heart to think that this many years have gone by and still time is taken to stay connected at least once a year. There are a couple of women I see only on the annual shopping trip and its like I saw them yesterday. How blessed are we. For you out there that have lost connections with a couple of friends because your busy.....stop.....even if its dinner or lunch once a month or every couple of months...start to feed your soul. You'll be a better wife, mother and friend. TRY IT...YOU'LL LIKE IT.

Because of the economy and having to tighten our belts this year we didn't spend as much as we have in the past.........EXCEPT for a couple of you.....and you know who you What happens in Seattle..stays in Seattle. I fondly remember when we would close up the hotel bar in pass years. Now we limp back to the hotel rooms from shopping all day, model everything we bought and head for bed. I wouldn't trade a minute.

I must take time and thank all the husbands, and my better half for holding down the fort so we can do our thing. Not only do we appreciate them but I think it reminds them of what some of you wives, mothers and friends mean to them. And for the few that don't answer to anyone now or yet....happy trails to you.
Well I have to get busy because after talking about my blog..... and talking about my blog...and talking about my blog in Erica's car, I had a lot of (you know what you should do?) Like I many ideas and to little time.  
Quote of the trip:  Hotel parking lot...Sunday morning...A man from Neveda was getting in to his car. We were talking about breakfast....He said " I want to stick around just to see how that many women can decide on one place to have breakfast"  Jokes on problem.

Thanks for the memories...Love you petal at a time.

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