Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did I put that chocolate bar?.....Oh! wait I'm looking for sand paper.

A sanding we will go....a sanding we will go. It's easier to sand when the mirror is layed flat but for phote opp I hung it back up on wall. While sanding it looks like there was black under the maroon color. Sanding gave it a shaby traditional look (I know that is not a proper decorating term) ....but it's in my personal dictionary......trying to stay on task.

Remember to use painters tape to protect the mirror while sanding and painting.

I'm using a course sand paper because the finish is high gloss and it looks like it has been sealed. Depending on the finish of your mirror, all we are trying to do is ruff up finish so the paint you decide to use will grab on to frame. Now I will head to the garage to look for sand paper. This could be an adventure all on it's own. If I do not return.....someone please notify my better half  that I'm somewhere in the North/East corner.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shakespeare said " To Be or Not To Be " I say "So much to do and so little time"

I can't decide if I should start with a long project or a short one. Maybe I should crawl before I run. I've had this idea taking up space in my head for a decade or so. I'm sure I must have seen it or at lease a version of it somewhere in my life. But because I can't remember where I can't give any credit. I'm going to do a shell mirror for my bathroom. If it turns out like my mind eye see it, you should be able to hang it anywhere, but my plan is to hang in my bathroom.


  1.  Mirror (any size any color any shape) garage sale, Goodwill shopping or a mirror you already have.
  2.  Sandpaper
  3.  Light shell color paint. Sometimes you can find qt of mixed wrong paint at Lowes or Home Depot
  4.  Shells lots of Shells (all different sizes and shape) beach, garage sale, anything made out of shells       that you can take a part.
  5.  Glue gun and glue sticks
Use your imagination.  If you decide to do this project I demand you have fun. Now pop a piece of chocolate and lets get started.