Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches, Bats & Booooooo's

Well the leaves continue to turn, the winds blows harder...and we say good bye to another month in 2010. I'm on a high note right now. My belly is full, I'm enjoying funny movie with better half and in the back of my mind...I'm thinking about what size turkey we should buy this Thanksgiving. Two months left in this year...sure seems like it's going too fast. Here's a thought....I'm going to start thinking about how many months I still have and not how many I have left. I think I'm saying the same thing but it seems more positive. But to be honest....don't know how I'll feel when birthday comes around in February, I could be postal....... I'm on pause right now, I can't concentrate on movie........As Arnold would say (I'll be back).
Oh!  that was really a cute movie (Valentines Day)  My better half didn't say anything was a chick flick..........(side bar) does anyone  remember the Flicks candy you could get at a theater...fond memories. Anyone reading this, that doesn't know me, is, where did she go for a minute. It's just the way my ole brain works. Well time to let the bed bugs bite..not really! See you on the otherside of October.
..........Where did I hide the candy for the kids?...... One piece at a time.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Knock..Knock.......Please come in

Now the inside of our Halloween House. I wish my photo's would do her stuff justice..Please enjoy!
This haunted house is so great !

Once again....all made by Country Smirf

Yes! she has a great sense of humor

Very cute wooden candy corn in the back ground

She took this cabinet-tore apart-added pieces-changed-painted-uses for sesonal display
Can you say talented!

Every house needs Witches Brew

She made Witches hat and shoes

You must have Edger's Black Raven

This plant looks like it will eat you when you walk's huge

Another Frog......this one has worts

Everywhere you look...there's something fun to look at.

Look at the detail...this Smirf is all about detail....

Simple and elegant

One again anywhere you look..cute..cute

She made plate rack above cabinet...As Rachael Ray would say (I know)

She say's this is her and hubby...she's the one pointing finger.

Every time you take a second look you find something new!

This is my Talented Shy Maureen aka Country Smirf
Thank you my friend for letting me share your talents with my friends.
You are truly a talented lady.  I would love to show everyone your Christmas Wonderland.
You haven't seen anything yet!
Love Your Friend aka City Smirf

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Country Smirf Halloween

I have a wonderful friend in the east county that is one of my favorite holiday decorators not to mention master crafter, gardener and all around nice lady. You can't believe the things she has found and refurbished. She's got talent, talent and more talent. She let me photo some of my favorite things, outside and inside. I took so many I will post in two sections. I hope you enjoy......

Tooooo  cute

Maureen grew all the pumpkins in her garden

These little guys are so cute

Pumpkins from her garden

Cute container for display

She made this face out of concrete

She made container out of concrete leaf pattern

Tin man out of old cans and a funnel

She has a lot of frogs..I think she has a thing for frogs

This is a side view of her lovely home

Frogs in concert

This guy is bigger than he looks..must be the garden guard

Another concert going on!

Back deck decorated

This is the guards wife

Beautiful glass flowers (she makes them) mine broke (hint,hint)

Front Porch

Witches legs sooooo funny

She made everything on display

woow..... spiders galore

Witches sister landed on the other side of porch

She has lawn on both sides of fence..layered..beautiful

Fun place to visit ...Thanks Maureen 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Son, Brother & Father

I hope you will indulge me the opportunity to share my grief in print. Today it has been 5 years since I lost my beloved Shay.  For my friends that have lost a child, I know you understand, and for my other are my friends...and friends understand, even when they really don't. I have an overwhelming fear he will be forgotten if not talked about. The hole in my heart is still deep and I'm not sure it will ever heal completely.
You think each year will get better but I'm still waiting for the sadness to end.  Thank God for Ty. He is a blessing. He keeps the other half of my heart strong and happy.  Thank you Lou!..... for just about everything ...and to my friends, thank you for letting me keep Shay's memory tear at a time.................

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Pumpkin Project


Clean as if you were going to carve

It doesn't have to be perfect

Put some planting soil inside for MUM's

Finished Project on my porch

Country Smirf did this one w/different plants & pumpkin
You can see how easy this is. You can use any plants you want and any size or color of pumpkin. You can add Halloween decorations and after the 31st you can remove and keep your arrangement for Thanksgiving.
I saw this a couple of years ago on Aunt Sally's porch... I'm glad I didn't forget it ..and can share with you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is Dedicated to Marlene, Wendy & Aunt Jan

As our Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to an end we must remember the ones we have lost and the ones that have WON! It doesn't end with October but must continue until cancer is a memory.