Monday, October 18, 2010

Hellooooo my Peeps

I'll bet you think I haven't been working on my master piece.....wrong !  I ran out of one size shell that I was using in my design. I spent 3 days searching in Goodwill & Value Villiage for the right shell. No find.  Hoping to finish this project some time in the near future....I decided to change direction. I walked around in Joanne's craft store for an hour until I came up with something. TaDa..........I bought (2) large bags of crushed shells.
They're real shiny and sooo pretty. I painted on tacky glue, sprinkled the crushed shells, pressed down and will wait until it dries. I then will brush off the shells that didn't stick and continue to glue larger shells on this base. The glue dries clear so you don't have to be careful about getting glue on other shells. Hope this works........Oh by the way, I didn't really waste the three days I was in search for my shells......I found some great treasures to complete my whole look.....Yah....can hardly wait to show the finished job. Talk soon...One petal at a time.

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