Thursday, October 28, 2010

Country Smirf Halloween

I have a wonderful friend in the east county that is one of my favorite holiday decorators not to mention master crafter, gardener and all around nice lady. You can't believe the things she has found and refurbished. She's got talent, talent and more talent. She let me photo some of my favorite things, outside and inside. I took so many I will post in two sections. I hope you enjoy......

Tooooo  cute

Maureen grew all the pumpkins in her garden

These little guys are so cute

Pumpkins from her garden

Cute container for display

She made this face out of concrete

She made container out of concrete leaf pattern

Tin man out of old cans and a funnel

She has a lot of frogs..I think she has a thing for frogs

This is a side view of her lovely home

Frogs in concert

This guy is bigger than he looks..must be the garden guard

Another concert going on!

Back deck decorated

This is the guards wife

Beautiful glass flowers (she makes them) mine broke (hint,hint)

Front Porch

Witches legs sooooo funny

She made everything on display

woow..... spiders galore

Witches sister landed on the other side of porch

She has lawn on both sides of fence..layered..beautiful

Fun place to visit ...Thanks Maureen 


  1. What a cute house! You are right she's got some serious talent as well as humor. Good photos too!

  2. I LOVE Maureen's House!!! Looks so good! So inspiring!