Friday, October 15, 2010

The Beginning..The Middle...The End

I think I'm sorta in the middle. As you can see I have put rows of small shells to try and help with the cove problem. Once that is all done, I will build on that. I glued a foam medium to help with surface gluing. The foam gave the frame a burlap look.......ah.....for something different with textures you could cover your frame with burlap and than glue shells in different places. I love the look of burlap with shells. I also thought strands of faux pearls would be beautiful with the shells. I think I will head for goodwill and find a necklace and polish off my piece with pearls. I'm never going to get this done if I don't stay focused.

You can see by the top photo, that I have decided to make the upper left hand corner my dominant sight. Your eye should go there and than spread outward. I think I will make the lower right hand corner the next smaller visual resting place for the eye. I have to finish more before my final shell placement. What's so fun with this project is if you don't like the looks you just keep adding shells until you love it. I will probably have to rent a crane to lift my mirror. One petal at a time.


  1. RamblingBopper...Sure... you can write me out a check for 2 grand...that's assuming I get it done. Just kidding.. thanks for the offer. We'll talk when I'm done. It is turning out to be a LABOR OF LOVE....not sure you can put a price on that.

  2. I love the corner. It's getting really pretty.