Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I put the spices that aren't used often on the top

This also makes it easy to tell which spice you're running low on.
I think this is worth saying again....get organized...Kim J and I are going crazy coming up with ideas for the over the door clear plastic shoe holder. Kim gets 5 stars for this one. I have such smart friends. Kim started cleaning out her kitchen.  We all have spices shoved back behind just about anything. Kim said...hum! how about putting them in the organizer....Yah! What a great idea. Why didn't I think of that? I have an empty pantry door just begging for attention. Check it out. I'm so happy with Kim's idea. I keep opening the door and just smiling.  She's putting one in her son's room for sunglasses, phones, hats, gloves....anything off of his dresser. One goes on her bathroom door.....can you Imagine....cotton balls, makeup, soaps, razors, extra tooth paste, oh my...I think I need a pill before my head explodes...I'm so excited. On my spice organizer I radomly placed two way tape to control the flapping when I open and close the door. This really works great. Thanks again Kim for the spice idea spice at a time...

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