Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And he lay a blanket of Quiet....

First snow 11.19.2010  This looks like a piece of art!

Angel Girl is surveying the situation.

Morning of 11/20/10

The official beginning of Joy
I have a number of friends that live at Birch Bay.....What a wonderful wonderland it must look like....if...you don't have to drive anywhere. It is so quiet after a snow, like a blanket of love from God. A time to sit back and remember how great he is and how powerful he is.  Take these few days to think about family and friends and what your place is, in the scheme of things. Let's continue in to the holiday season with a new found feeling of what our lives are really all about. Try to spend less and love more. Thank you Candis H for sharing your memories of our first snow. Can't think of a better way to wish family, friends and blog followers a very Happy Thanksgiving. Don't worry about that extra button on your pants. We only have so many Thanksgiving to celebrate......so......enjoy!  One turkey at a time..........

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