Monday, November 15, 2010

Necessity....... The Mother of Invention

This beats being on my hands and knees looking for bags in my closet

I had to add a cute Bling..Bling Hat on the top, just for fun
They say necessity encourages inventions....I don't know who they my case it works. We live in a 4 bedroom townhouse and the bedrooms are small. The master closet was made for people on the run. I have a fetish for shoes, coats and hand bags. Sigmund would consider my addition a lifetime of twice a week counselling appointments. For my friends that know me, they very seldom see me carry a purse. Do you see the problem developing. When I go to dinner or will see me with a purse. If I'm shopping I need hands free. Put drivers license, credit card in pocket and SHOP! I recall a time at TJ Max that if I didn't have my hands free..I couldn't have grabbed faster then the lady next to me for the find of the century. Of course I don't remember what that was now....but at the time, I just had to have it.  There's a corner in my room that was made for my purse statement. Room decorating doesn't always have to be pictures, paint or furniture. Use your God given imagination and do what makes you happy.  I painted my rack silver because the colors in my room will be in grays, silvers, black,winter white and eggplant. I thought my handbags would bring more color so I keep rack kind of neutral.  After the room is finished...if...I need more of a splash of color, I'll just spray paint the rack to give me that pop of color. Remember don't look at things for what they are but WHAT THEY COULD BE!  One purse at a time........

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