Saturday, November 13, 2010

Detour......Zmmmmmm Zmmmmmmm

Christmas Tags...Colorful Ribbon...Candy Canes

Bought a cute little winter hat for the top

Hang all your candy cane ornaments on rack

Place rack by the door..and share your friendship! guys where sooooo creative with your guesses for the Mystery Project, that you all got into my head.  While looking at the project..I thought...that would be cool. During the Christmas season, there are those of you that entertain.  What a better way of saying "Thanks for coming" then to let them pick a keepsake ornament for their tree on the way out the door. Write a little note on gift tag or just your name and the year. What a fun time every year to unpack candy canes and see what year you had dinner or visited with your friends. I think candy canes work best because they last foreverrrrrrrr! I think I have some from 1971. You could even do it during the Thanksgiving Holidays, too get everyone in the mood for Christmas. Soooo!good job everyone, you really got the juices flowing. In a couple days I'll show you what I did with my rack. the way I decided to paint mine silver.....but the rainbow is waiting for you. One candy cane at a time.

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