Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just For Fun...Smile

Have I told you lately how much I love you..

Let me seeee........Let me seeeee

If I call all my peeps, we might be able to carry these home!

Is this in focus?

Mama likes me best....No! mama likes me best....I'm the black sheep in the family

Keep your eyes open...I know he's here somewhere.

You make a funny face and I'll get the picture

Slumber Party

That was a tuff goal

Sorry I'm in a time to talk

I just love your Decor!
These were too cute to not share....Thanks....Lady Di


  1. So how does that go? We all love squirrels because they work really hard and don't bother anybody? Too cute!

  2. Funny Lou..Personal Joke! Yes you got it right...they work all year gathering food for winter, they don't bother anyone...That's why I like squirrels. Maybe we should use them as an example in our lives.They don't socialize until their nest is full of nuts.Oh! Let's party I think our nest is already full of nuts...