Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Box 2011

I love my new little God Box

I will start the memories for my children

Let's should we start the New Year. How about a keep them. How about being a better working on that. How about a better wife, mother, you see is.. What you get.... I know!... I'm going to challenge everyone to make one resolution for the rest of your life. What is that? I thought you'd never ask. A few months ago I read an article in Real Simple about a daughter, that after the passing of her mother found what she called "The God Box". The story was written by Mary Lou Quinlan about her mom Mary Finlayson. Mary would take a piece of  paper towel, old recipe, grocery list or receipt and as the need presented itself, would write a note to God. Her mom would run the gamut of ("Please let the house sell today") to ("Please take care of little Jesse"). Many notes she would sign "Thank you God, Sincerely Mary". Mary would then believe God would take over. She would date her note, fold the paper and put it in a pretty box.  When the box was full she would put it into another box and place it in the back of her closet. So for 20 years Mary would have a personal conversation with God. Can you think of anything better then to find these boxes with your mothers hopes, dreams and prayers for her children, friends, neighbors even strangers. What a blessing!  After reading this story, I decided I would do the same. How about you?  You don't have to ask for help everyday....even God I think would get tired of that......but!.. when the urge hits you, jot it down. Do you know how happy God would be keeping
communications open on a regular basis.  What a wonderful memory you will create for your children when your gone. So off I go to my favorite thrift shop to find the perfect box.....My First prayer to God,...When I need the help, remind me to write it down and put it in my God Box......One piece of paper at a time......


  1. Inspiring, Sherri.

    I'm not much about New Year resolutions but I find this idea so sweet; to start any time you feel the need.

    Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!!!

  2.'re right....this would fit anytime of year, like you said "when you feel the need". Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for continued interest in my blog.