Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Friend

Say Hello to my little friend
 I have a pair of hand carved wood antique skis by the front door. I removed the Christmas Wreath from door and put it on skis a couple days ago. Coming home, I stepped up on porch and something caught my eye. Turning towards the wreath I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Perched on the top of wreath was a darling little bird taking it all in. I was afraid to move as to not scare it away. Little friend just turned his head enough to look at me and say...Hi..I'm just resting on your wonderful green wreath. I walked as if I was floating into the house to get my camera, I just knew he would be gone when I returned. Slowly I opened the door, camera ready, I peeked around the corner. He looked at me...hi again....Oh thank you...thank you, for staying long enough for me to take your picture for my friends. After a few seconds he was on his way. This must have been the week of the bird....Susan over at was watching a Hawk in her yard earlier this week....check it out.......Say hi to my little friend....One bird at a time.


  1. This is too cute. Last summer I had a small lizzard that would follow me when I was watering the plants. He would appear ou of nowhere and then he would follow me; as I was watering the plants around the garden he would walk in his wall, stop whenever I stopped and moving along. Never saw where he "lived" but it was funny to have his company in this daily task...
    Makes one wonder doesn't it?
    But your wreath is worth of a visit from a "connaiseur". Too lovely and natural to resist :)

  2. Your lizzard story reminds me of my better half on his walk last summer when we were in Az. He said this little guy would go from plant to plant as he walked along. Isn't God wonderful. If we take the see so much out there....Today is a great day...

  3. Sherri, where did you find the antique skis. I spotted them the other day and almost ran away with them and came to my senses :)