Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week End Project

The grandkids love the new play houses...

Boy wazzzzz I busy this week-end. I found some plans for a couple tree houses. I looked at the material list and ordered product from local home improvement center, grabbed my tools and off I went.

I put in a couple hard days but I think the finished look was well worth it. I didn't realize until I was finished that I was reading instructions in a foreign wonder some of the terms seemed foreign and I had to adlib.

Oh! okay I'm bored and lacking in creativity so I thought I would steal a picture from somewhere else and babble blog......The picture is from the works of a local interior design company from Seattle WA he also has a bog if you would like to check it out....I love some of his work...
Well I think I wasted enough of your time.... have a good day.....One babble at a time....


  1. And here I was torned between sending kids your way - DD is entering that teen phase that she's love to live in a tree house alone ;) - or bring you back here LOL.

    We're really in dire need of Spring Projects aren't we?!

    Well, I'm off to give a look on the blog you suggested.

    Take Care,


  2. Hi Teresa..Thanks for letting me pull your leg a little. If I had these tree houses in my yard, I'd be in the tallest everyday blogggggg. Have a great day.
    Thanks for following blog.

  3. Love your new heading with the dahlias! About those "tree houses" -- not sure I'd go up in one without being convinced that they were SAFE. Babble on!!
    Hugs from Diane

  4. Hi Sherri,
    You almost had me...almost! I'll bet April Fools Day is fun out here in blogland! Thank you for your visit today! Be sure to enter in the Somerset Life may just be the creative inspiration you need! And yes, Camas Antiques is in Camas, WA! Just 4? hours from Bellingham! You must visit the shop if you get down this way! I have been to beautiful Bellingham a few times...stayed in a big haunted Victorian B&B there once! Hmmm...maybe I'll blog about it sometime ;)
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Best Wishes,