Sunday, January 9, 2011

Campbell Soup

Bread-Apple-Soup-Cook Books-Bag of Flour
  Pick up on isle 3. Who says you have to purchase decorating items in an expensive shop. Think outside the box. I had a space above by cabinets that I just couldn't find what I wanted. Tired of what I had up there, thought I would change out a few things. I had found a couple faux bread at my favorite thrift shop and some old cook books. I headed to the grocery store for some kitchen products. Having the color red in mind I headed down the soup isle ....I spy....LARGE Tomato Soup Cans.....then I think, I need one more thing. Up and down the rows I go.....Woow... how about a Bag of flour...different texture, same color scheme, I think this might work. With out spending a lot of money I have a new look......oops I think I goofed...I could have bought groceries at the dollar store...oh well!.....Look around, are you tired of a certain area in your house? Go crazy...have some fun finding non traditional decorating props, it makes for great conversation....
One soup can at a time.......

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