Friday, January 7, 2011

January Monthly Serve Up

Winter is still here so I think these dishes work

I love the color and texture

Thrift Shop Find
    I love dishes..okay I love shoes, handbags, antiques, just about everything...but I seem to buy a lot of dishes. When I see something great in a thrift store, I just can't resist. I find dishes that are still in their boxes. I have a feeling some of them are wedding gifts that the bride didn't like or use. Everytime I find (too die for dishes) my stomach quivers.....I think there is something wrong with me. When I see something cool...I think to myself, that would be great for......... Since I started my blog last September ( boy that time went fast) which plays right into my the theory.. Reflecting on life in general, I find myself buying dishes, bring them home, wash and then put them on a shelf in the garage, waiting for the time I may use them. WHY?........New day, new leaf, new time. I've decided to change out my dishes every month. If you have a couple different sets you like..try changing them out Summer & Winter. What are we saving our (THINGS) for, if not to use and enjoy. Oh! maybe I'm just assuming everyone saves things like me. Anyway I don't have enough for a change every month (YET) but I'm going to start looking. Oh my...I guess I'll have to start shopping....When my better half says "Are those dishes new" I can honestly! they've been in the garage for ages, hee hee.......One dish at a time.....

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