Thursday, February 3, 2011


Gone but not forgotten !
 I've been saying for about a month now and even hinted at Christmas that I would love to have a new camera. My trusty buddy is about 7 years old and has served me well...but... The view finder is so small and being as blind as I am....some times while viewing, I can't even tell what I'm shooting. Shutter speed seems to be really slowing down..if that's even possible. the middle of a shoot...the decision was made for me. He just laided down and died.  Not wanting to believe he would leave me so abruptly..with out even a shutter, I rushed over to the camera doctor. Now that I look back, the shooter is always the last to know. Prognosis:... Dead, Died, Over exposed.......Of course the Camera Doctor was all to eager to sell me a new friend. camera on board...Now I just have to figure out how it works...I just hate that part of the process. Good bye my friend....Smile....HELLO Gorgeous...One Pix at a time

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