Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paper Whites

Thank You Paper Whites

I'm starting to see something develope here!

There's one in every crowd

Three are playing by the rules..

What we have here is an over achiever..

Now he's off in a different direction..

How beautiful..he created interest & style

I received this from my favorite daughter-n-law at Christmas. After some planning..I was trying to get it too bloom for VALENTINES DAY! In every group there seems to be someone or something that hears his own drummer. It doesn't seem to be any different in the plant world. I thought how fun to record their entrance into the human world. Take four bulbs..add some soil..nourish with a little water..sprinkle with drops of to them daily..And just maybe...just maybe, they will bloom for Valentines Day..
........One petal at a time..........


  1. Love paper whites... they do have a mind of their own! I'll email you a pic of our unruly PW's from Christmas '09.

  2. Lovely!
    I've been thinking to do a photo-report in an orchid I received from my cathechesis group and had lost hope that I would see it flowering again. But now some tiny things are appearing in the beggining of the branch - things in Nature do take their time, don't they? I just thought it would be faster, and I thing bulb plants do have a way of saying exactly that.
    Laughed with your comments on "their" (natural) behaviour.
    Enjoy! All around Spring is coming...

  3. I keep saying I'm going to try paper whites but never have. Maybe next year ... I'm glad yours have started blooming! LOVE your little overachiever! :-)