Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yes Santa ...there is a Virginia

Welcome to the Forgotten Cabbage Patch Room 

Everywhere you look ..our little friends are looking back at us!

I counted 24 hand decorated trees and I think I missed a few...

There are also plenty of friends in the bathroom..

I could have stayed there for days looking at each tree..

Hand stitched ornaments

More of our friends

How beautiful this was in sparkling glow

Tree for our feathered friends

This plant looked like it had ice dripping from its leaves

Is it Christmas yet? I feel like I'm in Toy Land

Another beautiful tree

I love the way Virginia highlights the glass pieces in one grouping

Dare you ask....the Cabbage Patch Dolls have their own tree in their room

I just can't put into words what this looks like...smiling

I love Christmas

What's a kitchen without a tree of cookie cutters.

My friend Virginia listening to Christmas music...

I wonder what Virginia is asking Santa for Christmas?

As I pulled out of the driveway..I saw the Bird Houses waiting for Spring and it began to Snow...
what a wonderful afternoon...I will cherish the memory...
 I've stood at this door before not knowing what to expect when I turned the handle. This time I knew what was on the otherside and still my heart was racing. I paused, turn the knob and with eyes wide open I darted from face to face. Even writing this you can't describe the feeling of hundreds of little faces looking up at you. I know we've all watched the Christmas story with the island of broken & misfit toys and dolls. Well you don't have to go as far away as Alaska. Up in the Northwest corner of Washington State in a small town called Blaine....there lives one of Santa's hard working helpers. For many years Virginia has rescued broken, dirty and disguarded cabbage patch dolls from garage sales and thrift shops. With a loving heart and caring happy hands, Virginia has brought back to life, sad little dolls that lost their homes. She cleans their little faces and washes their clothes and gives them a room they call their own. Virginia is called Grandma by many and loved by even more. There was never a bake sale without Virginia's Famous Cinnamon Rolls and if you don't have a Raggedy Ann or Andy or a quilt that she made....then I really feel extra lucky to have been given one. Now entering into her most precious years of life, she is still going strong....she even took first place in a cookie baking contest this Christmas.  She was making cookies and strawberry jam while I was there. Oh to have that energy.... I am so blessed to call her a dear friend, and the mother of one of my oldest and dearest  friends.  I too am a better person for knowing her.  Dear Virginia ,thank you for letting me share all your dolls with my Blog Friends....Bless you .... I pray for your continued health and wishing you a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas........One doll at a time.


  1. Wow! That was a treat! I knew Virginia is amazing, but I didn't know that she did all of that. . . Thanks for sharing, Sherri.

  2. Thanks Ann..I'm glad you enjoyed was a labor of love for me to put the post together. Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas to you, too. I just stopped by to read it one more time. Beautiful!

  4. Oh my, this is what Christmas is about, right? Thank you so much for sharing, Sherri. You and Virginia with this post made this Season more magic and peaceful.
    Bless your Generous Hearts.

  5. Thank you Teresa for your kind words. Virginia is a very special God made person. A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours....Sherri