Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real or Faux ....Charlie Brown is in the house

My Charlie Brown Tree
 After 5 years of putting up a God made tree, I decided to purchase a faux one. I use the word Faux because for some reason when you call it a fake, it diminishes your hard work decorating the tree.The catalyst of this decision was, I wanted to decorate just after Thanksgiving and  I wasn't sure it would be fire safe until New Years. In the car and in search of the perfect FAUX tree, I set out on my what seems to always be an adventure. If I can only stay focused on the task at hand. Store by store, shopper by shopper, tree by tree, I finally found the tree. While walking around in circles looking for the right box, a salesperson asked if he could help. Yes! thank you I said....I just love this tree..(as if this 23 yr old really cared) I felt the need to share my holiday spirit with him anyway. Then humbug...he got even with me for wasting his ear time by telling me.....I'm sorry we are out of that particular tree.... Gee kid your really putting a damper on my Christmas spirit. Will you be getting more in and if so do you know when? Yes we have them on order but we never know when we will get them......I had the urge to ask if they would be here before Christmas but didn't want the grinch to creep into my otherwise happy spirit. Do you think they have them of stock. Best thing is to call everyday. There are a lot of people that want this style tree.  Thanks I said and hurried through the store so as not to stop and buy out my disappointment. I thought I would back track to the other stores and see if any of them had a second choice I could live with. They say you have charater if you can work through the disappointment of a situation and come out the other side a better person..NOT!

Ornament from 2001...My K-Bear

How can you not smile at that snowman

My Angel Girl..She knows who she is.....
Guess I never got that character trait.  I was disappointed and my better half was going to know about it. I called  for 5 days.....Is style W in stock yet? Sorry no. The next problem would be, if the whole world wanted that tree, when and if it ever came in......I would be a speeding ticket away to make sure I got to the store before everyone else....Okay think outside the box. I refuse to buy one I don't really love, just to take it to Goodwill after the season. And now I really refuse to buy a real one.. I have to win at all cost....isn't that what this season is all about?  In my garage I stand on the top stair and gaze out over a horizon of a little bit of everything. Tucked away in the corner I see a tall, skinny, bare branched FAUX tree that I used on my front porch for many years. It has a real wood trunk that my cat has taken over as her personal scratching post....this will have to be addressed. Do I dare, should I try and turn this Charlie Brown into a symbol of a Christmas tree. Who says you can't turn a sows ear into a silk purse....... Add the white lights, gold and white shinny stuff, 3 bags of faux snow a few of my favorite ornaments and I'm in love. The better half's beautiful. Okay so it's not 8' by 5', and I don't have room for my 10,000 ornaments I've been saving through the years and it has no place in Houzz as the most beautiful tree in the world... but I think I did Charlie Brown proud.......One tree at a time.....

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