Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've gone to the Birdssssss!

The table is set for a flock....

This is our  view outside the living room window

Dinner is served

Angel said she would keep the other cats away while the birds feed...hummm

I'm waiting

I used two different bird seeds...

Angel ! are you watching for other cats?

Place setting fit for Gods feathery friends...
I was sitting at my computer looking out the living room window on Sunday. It would be fun to have something different to look at while I prepare for inside Christmas decorating. Birds, bird feeders, bird houses, same oh, same oh. Off to the thrift shop I go. I usually go in search of one thing and come home with another...but this time I have no idea.  I saw a set of Christmas dishes......then I thought why not a place setting for birds....and I was off. I found table cloth, place matts, candle holders, tree center piece, a couple of doves and a Blue Jay. What are the chances I could find some Christmas silverware. I headed for household items. Coming around the corner....I heards angels singing from above, drummer boys were drumming and I'm sure there were a few lords a leaping somewhere in the store and a bright light shine in the distance.....there they were, sitting right out there in front of everyone. Why hadn't anyone grabbed these yet?...after all it was late in the day and all the good stuff is usually gone........ Then I saw him..he had some red plates, glasses and a  look of determination on his face. Christmas silverware..... me..... and a stranger in between. I got there just as his hand went up into a pick up mode.......Excuse me, I said as I slipped my small hand into the bin and grabbed the silverware. For you out there that don't partake in Thrift Shop buying...all is fair....Find, Grab, Smile and Gooooooo!.... must always be polite. I remember a time at TJ Max but that's a story for another day. I love the look through the window...I'm just waiting for the birds. The table should be covered to keep the rain out. We don't have a covered deck so I'm going to anchor a lawn umbrella over it. A covered deck or patio would be wonderful. Birds don't feed at night ( I don't think..I'll have to look that up) so I will light the votive candles and enjoy at night also. I used double sided tape on all the dishes to anchor them together to give the birds a secure ridge to stand on when they are eating. Also secured dishes ,tree and other birds to table. I've decided I love this idea so much, I'm going to do a spring and summer table setting. I hope you enjoyed my Bird Supper!  One seed at a time.....


  1. oh my. Sherri, how amazing. That tells you how much of birds lover you are. So lovely. I like Angel's plot.

  2. Hi. I just saw this tablescape featured at Houzz. Too cute! You should link it to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch tonight. Happy blogging! I hope you'll stop by and visit me, too.