Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A wiseman cometh

Some wise man said "everything happens for a reason"...well I would like that man to come over to my house and explain what good reason he can come up with for my laptop blowing up. My computer crashed two days ago and I just couldn't handle stomach hurt...I had a head ache ....I was so afraid I had lost everything.  Maybe what I have learned is my computer has to much control over me.
I can't believe what a basket case I've been since it happened. Luckly I have Carbonite Backup. It took a couple days to re-install and a few problems along the way...but I have most of my things back. The point of my frustrating story is.........I'll be away from blogging for a few days. I have to re-install a photo program and some of my things are hiding somewhere.....I just have to find them...... I always did like (hide and seek). This might be a great time to clean my computer. I'll see you in a few days...I'll still be checking out my fave blogs along the way.......One seek at a time.........

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