Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walk in the Sun....

My hanging basket is starting to bloom...

Cherry Blossoms

Lawn covered in Cherry Blossoms

God's Spring Snow is lawn
cover of Cherry Blossoms

Oh my!....This is the first day in a long time I can take a walk in the neigborhood without an unbrella. This seems to have been one of the worse Springsssss we've had in a long time or maybe it's just me. The skies have been dark and gray with rain almost everyday.....but.....I woke up to sunshine today. Time for a walk and some pictures of flowers. This is called nature determination in spite of the bad weather this month the flowers are reaching upward to bring color into our lives and a smile on our faces.
........One petal at a time...... 

Let's have some fun..follow me over to.......... http://www.thelittleroundtable.com/


  1. hey there
    Love your pictures!!!
    Thanks for poppin over to my blog today.
    I totally agree finally some sunshine and tomorrow MORE YES!!!! So nice to have a local blog friend. I have a Log cabin i my front flower bed I will have to get a picture of like your house. My folks have a rental in Lynden and it was found under the deck a few years ago.

  2. Love those cherry blossoms! Your images are just wonderful, thanks so much for joining the garden party!


  3. I do love cherry blossoms. I have a few trees and they are just beginning to drop their flowers. They sure don't last long!

  4. I bet you have been to DC when the cherry trees are full of blossoms. I love when the wind blows and the blossoms are like soft falling rain carpeting the ground.

  5. Coming over from Little Round Table's garden party to peek around! those cherry blossoms are so beautiful! i host a garden party (on Thursday's) & would love to have you share at Cottage Flora Thursday's? xoxo, tracie