Monday, May 2, 2011

Up ! Up ! and Away....

Once upon a time...I had a beautiful friend , who lived in Arizona. She was such a kind person and would listened to all the complaining we made about our weather in Washington. Who would have thought we would be looking for Tulips and Easter candy in April snow.  Doesn't Mother Nature know it's April Showers bring May flowers......not April snow brings May hail. I thought this was a saying she coined. My beautiful friend, sent me some pixs of wonderful, fanciful tree houses.... Look up my friend and dream of warmer days... or..... cheap air fares, so I can visit you in sunny Arizona. Some of these tree house are so fun.....Grab a cup of tea.....a good book.....and climb up with me, to touch the sun and warm your soul.
Thanks Kim J. for sharing.........One step at a time.......


  1. Oh how wonderfully dreamy....can you imagine having one of these in your backyard...well, if we wouldn't be the kids playing in would be ME!!!!
    Happy day!

  2. Some of those tree houses are so neat! I remember as a child climbing trees in my back yard and sitting on a the thick branches and pretending I was high up near the sun. To live in one of these with some of the comforts would have been fulfilled that childhood dream! of course today... now that I am older I am deathly afraid of heights!! Go figure! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!

  3. What an amazing collection of tree houses. Wouldn't it be an amazing to have it as a child? Heck I want one for myself.
    I hope those trees will live forever without termites. Thank you for sharing.