Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Calories......

I'm so depressed.....I'm tired of the rain, the gray skies, the cold wind and just when you think you can't take it any longer.....your neighbor say's Aloha...we're off to Maui for two weeks. Trying to show I really care that they get to go away... and have fun in the sun and sand... I say with as much sincerity as I can pull to the surface..GREAT have a wonderful time, we'll hold down the fort. Doing the most logical thing I can think of, I grab a dictionary. Surfing the pages as fast as I can for a word that will perhaps define a cure for my (pull the blanket over my head) ailment. A's nothing....B's are you kidding...C's..........hold on a minute...could it be this SIMPLE?  Chocolate: dark, warm, brown, sweet, comforting, happiness, feelings of love, friendship, birds tweeting, sunshining, flowers blooming....FOOD OF THE GODS......Eat Chocolate!  Okay I'm willing to try anything for the sake of aquiring happiness during these wet, cold days. Remembering my friend..Who, by the way is wintering in Arizona..(no comment) I now share a recipe that is all about killer Brownies. A favorite from her moms recipe box.  She must have eaten a lot of these because she was a very happy person and even though we all miss her, we are happy she left a touch of happiness for us to share during these Cold..Wet..Days....Thank you Marlene!.........One brownie at a time.....(or maybe two)

Grandma Melton's Brownies

1 cup + 1 T flour
1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
4 eggs – 1 at a time
1 tsp. vanilla
Mix the above items then add
1 lb. can Hersey syrup
1 cup nuts – optional

Bake 13x9 pan  350 degrees for 35 minutes

While warm frost

Fudge frosting
6 T butter
6 T milk (1/4 cup)
1 ½ cups sugar
boil – exactly 30 seconds stirring constantly
remove from heat and add
1 cup chocolate chips – blend then frost.

I use a piggy wand to get rid of the calories – this is my story and I’m sticking to it.


P.S.  I wrote this a couple days ago and didn't post until today. Following Murphy's Law...if I complain enough it will bite me in the complaining about the weather brought us low 70's yesterday and sun today....go figure! Maybe I should have complained earlier....I'm still eating the chocolate brownies JUST in case it rains again :)


  1. Great blog today! Grandma M's brownies look SO good... I can feel them on my lips (and hips) already! xo, D.

  2. Oh, yeah... Here's to chocolate! And Springtime!