Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

Dinner for Two

Napkin Ring & Napkin Thrift Shop
Soup Bowl & Plate    Ross for Less
Bread Plate    Thrift Shop
Water Glass - Water Pitcher   Thrift Shop
Brass Candle Holders  -  Thrift Shop
Votive Candles  -  Personal Stash

Green Dinner Plate for Luck- Thrift Shop

Coffee Cups   -  Goodwill

Beer Stein  -  Goodwill

Jar with Lemons  -  Thrift Shop

Purple Flowers  -  Trader Joes
Faith - Family - Friends & Bird    Thrift Shop
This says it all..........
Antique Butter Dish  -  Grandma Ida
Looking for 4-leaf Clover
Salt & Pepper   -   Thrift Shop
Lemon for my Irish Coffee
Chrome Coffee Press -  Personal Stash
Is dinner ready yet ?
Please be seated.....

Happy St. Patrick's Day Birthday...
I Love You !

St Patricks Day is my BETTER HALF'S Birthday. What a wonderful time to be born...on a Saints Day! So keeping with the tradition we will have corn beef and cabbage. His favorite Ale.....and because he reads my blog....a surprise dessert. I thank the Lord everyday for him......One 4-leaf clover at a time........

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  1. How lovely to share a birthday with a saint! Love all your treasures you have found. Hope the day is filled with many blessings!

  2. What a beautiful table and a happy occasion - so many pretty things here, I love the lemons under glass and the Irish coffee cups!

  3. No wonder I can never find anything at the thrift shop. You got there kidding -you have some great finds there.

  4. Beautiful table - love it! My the luck of the Irish be with you!....Thanks for sharing!

  5. You have put everything together beautifully.
    Love the faith, family, friends motto.

  6. Beautiful table...I am loving this week with all the green!

  7. Happy very green birthday to Sherri's better half!!!!

  8. What a beautiful. YOur finds are amazing too.

    Happy TS & hope you had a wonderful day of SPD.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  9. lovely tablescape. I'm a new follower

  10. Thank you Janet for coming along for the ride.I hope you will enjoy the company! Sherri

  11. I love your gentle take on St. Patrick's Day...the soft greens and the reticulated creamware are wonderful. I had an Aunt Ida! She was my favorite aunt. I adore using the treasures that she left for me regularly. Aren't family treasures just always the very best. Thank you for sharing your beautiful birthday design. Cherry Kay