Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have Egg will paint..

Found on Personalized Keepsake

Hand Painted Eggs from Germany

Found at Southern Lady's Vintage

These are so sweet..

Writing Straight from the Heart....Poland

Found these cute ceranic noggins @ Raelee's

Handpainted Eggs from Austria.....Horshow
It's getting closer to Easter..I can hardly wait. Not only because of the true meaning of the holiday...but...the kids are so cute searching for their Easter Baskets and Eggs in the yard. I found some really beautiful and fun hand painted eggs. I thought you might enjoy and if the bug bites, paint up a few eggs for Easter. One egg at a time........

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  1. Hey there
    I am doing some blog hoppin today and Susan your landlord popped on my blog today and left a sweet comment and that is how I found your neat blog which I love. I am Belllingham area too, cool eh.
    Pop by and see me!!